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How to prepare dancer number cards!

I have put together a pictorial that should help those that are new to "Feising" or FeisWeb understand how to prepare and use the dancer number cards.

Emailed Number Cards:

Emailing of number cards has been retired. Number cards will now be printed directly from the website.

User printed number cards:

Number cards can be printed directly from the website Feis entry page. When the number cards become available will vary from Feis to Feis. Normally they will be available the Wednesday evening before the Feis. There will be a Twitter announcement when they are available.

Feis Supplied Number Cards:

The dancers that pickup their cards at the registrar table is now a small minority. However, if you don't pre-print your card, the Feis has a full set of printed dancer cards for the Feis to distribute on Feis day.

How to print/prepare dancer cards for Feis day:

You should print on heavy paper or card stock. If it is not available, you can print to conventional paper and attach it to heavy stock or use a number holder available from a vendor on Feis day.

Printing in portrait (Short edge top and bottom):

Card printed in portrait

This is how the number card looks printed in portrait mode.

Cutting the card Card with side and bottom cut off

Just cut the right side and bottom like this

Printing in landscape (Long edge top and bottom):

Number card printed in landscape

This is how the number card should look when printed in landscape mode. If the number in the lower left hand corner is missing or on a second page, than you will have to reduce the margins. How that is done varies from browser to browser.

Number card folded in halfNumber card being cut

To make the card the correct size, just fold it in half and cut along the folded line.

Number card after cutting

When cut your dancer card should look like the picture above.

Final Preparations

Card folded in half

After the card is cut to size, fold it like this.

Punching holes in card Threading ribon through holes

If you don't have a number holder, you can use a safety pin or a ribbon to attach the card to your dancer. To use a ribbon just puch two holes and thread a ribbon through the holes. Tie the ribbon around the dancer. Note: If you punch the holes down from the top a little bit, the card will be less likely to "flip up" during the competition.

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